Geo Pomona Waste Management Pvt Ltd took over a site overflowing with haphazardly dumped waste and has made significant progress. The land has been cleared, with designated areas for ongoing waste disposal.

Access roads have been built for better management, and the entire site is now secure with fencing, guard rooms, electric gates, and boom gates. Offices for staff members were built within the site.

Geo Pomona Waste Management Private Limited’s investment has created employment opportunities for Zimbabweans. We are also contracting local players for instance Bitumen World and Brown Engineering.

The benefits of the project are vast. We have transformed the site from a major eyesore and health hazard into a well-managed facility. You can pass through Pomona today and confirm that the site has been transformed. We plan to incinerate 1000 tonnes per day of solid municipal waste to produce 16MW – 22MW of electricity which will be fed to the national grid for the benefit of the Country.  This is a sustainable way of managing waste and reducing the waste that goes to landfills.

Previously, the site lacked proper access due to overflowing waste. Geo Pomona has addressed this by clearing the land, creating designated waste disposal areas, and constructing access roads. This ensures efficient waste management and minimizes the risk of accidents and fires, a common feature of the site in previous years.

Unmanaged waste creates air pollution through strong stenches and fires. Geo Pomona Waste Management’s efforts, including encapsulation of existing waste and construction of a proper landfill for hazardous waste, significantly reduced air and water pollution risks. No unpleasant odours at Pomona anymore.  You can have a meal within the facility and enjoy it.

Unchecked waste attracts flies and pests, spreading diseases. The site’s transformation has eliminated these issues, promoting better hygiene and public health in the surrounding areas.

Our commitment to make a difference is evident. We are promoting educational tours for students and companies. Additionally, the construction of a public recreational facility with amenities like a soccer field, tennis courts, and basketball courts provide valuable space for residents to relax and enjoy outdoor activities.

By addressing the environmental and health hazards, Geo Pomona Waste Management Private limited has demonstrably improved the quality of life for Harare residents. The cleaner air, reduced risk of diseases, and creation of a recreational space all contribute to a healthier and more enjoyable environment for the community.

The vision is to be the best and most efficient Waste to Energy Company in Africa and beyond, setting the standard for private/public partnerships in the provision of a better and more sustainable life for all citizens.

We aspire to operate a world-class internationally rated waste management and power generation enterprise. We will collaborate and partner with our diverse stakeholders to ensure sustainable and long-term benefits for all communities and generations to come.

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