Dedicated to Developing Sustainable Waste Management Solutions

Our Vision is to be Southern Africa’s first, best and most efficient waste management and power generation project, setting the standard for private/public partnerships in the provision of a better and more sustainable life for all citizens.
Who we are

About Geo Pomona Waste Management (Pvt) Limited

Geo Pomona Waste Management (Pvt) Ltd. is a waste management company dedicated to developing sustainable solutions that minimise negative environmental impact. We utilise innovative technologies and best practices from local and international experts to create a healthier and safer environment for our communities.

To be Southern Africa’s first, best and most efficient waste management and power generation project, setting the standard for private/public partnerships in the provision of a better and more sustainable life for all citizens. 

To operate a world-class internationally-rated waste management and power generation enterprise.

Creation of a healthier and safer environment for our communities.

Innovative technologies

At Geo Pomona Waste Management (Pvt) Limited, we are at the forefront of leveraging cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize waste management. Our innovative solutions aim to create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable environment.

Best Practices

At Geo Pomona Waste Management (Pvt) Limited, we draw on the best practices from both local and international experts to ensure that our waste management solutions are effective, sustainable, and innovative.

Our Projects

With the mission to operate a world-class internationally-rated waste management and power generation enterprise. These are the projects we have embarked on.

Weighbridge and waste disposal

For accurate measurement of waste delivered on-site, we have constructed a weighbridge system at the entrance which weighs waste vehicles on arrival


Encapsulation, our chosen method for managing pre-existing waste accumulated over the years, involves covering the waste with layers of geomembrane and geotextile.

The Sorting Plant

The construction of our waste recycling and sorting plant is a crucial step in adhering to the principles of waste management hierarchy and our commitment to the "Zero-Waste to Landfill" policy.


The Geo Pomona Waste Management site will have three different types of new landfills the area will be capacitated with a landfill for the disposal of Municipal solid waste, a landfill for the disposal of ASH from the Waste to Energy Plant and a landfill for Hazardous waste

Waste Water Treatment and Water Pools

The water treatment plant is designed to treat the leachate produced by all the new landfills.

Waste to Energy

According to the hierarchy of waste management, the fourth stage and the most important for reducing the volume of waste is energy recovery from waste incineration.

geo pomona waste management

Brief History

Geo Pomona Waste Management Private Limited was established in April 2022. It is the project entity created to carry out the Waste to Energy Project at Pomona. This project is a Joint Venture Concession Agreement between the City of Harare and Geogenix BV. Geo Pomona Waste Management specialises in modern sustainable solutions for waste management.

The Pomona site was previously a textbook case of a mismanaged dumpsite. Various stakeholders used it for waste dumping without any oversight. The area was plagued by recurrent fire outbreaks due to gas build-up in the landfill, often taking months to extinguish. These fires emitted thick smoke, causing severe air pollution, blanketing nearby areas, and forcing residents to inhale potentially harmful fumes. This not only caused respiratory problems and eye irritation but also posed long-term health risks.


Why Choose Us

Your Premier Choice for Waste Management Excellence.

These pillars anchor us to be the best and most efficient waste management and power generation project in Sub-Saharan Africa.


The benefits of our work should span generations.


We will always find a better way.


We will persevere through any adversity.


We see what others do not.

Together, We Can Make a Difference!

The environment is our shared home, and it's up to us to protect it for future generations. Every small action we take can have a big impact.

Community Social Responsibiity

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have constructed a sports field consisting of a FIFA-certified soccer field, two tennis courts, and two basketball courts.

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of the project are vast. We have transformed the site from a major eyesore and health hazard into a well-managed facility. You can pass through Pomona today and confirm that the site has been transformed. We plan to incinerate 1000 tonnes per day of solid municipal waste to produce 16MW – 22MW of electricity which will be fed to the national grid for the benefit of the Country. This is a sustainable way of managing waste and reducing the waste that goes to landfills.

Previously, the site lacked proper access due to overflowing waste. Geo Pomona has addressed this by clearing the land, creating designated waste disposal areas, and constructing access roads. This ensures efficient waste management and minimizes the risk of accidents and fires, a common feature of the site in previous years.

Unmanaged waste creates air pollution through strong stenches and fires. Geo Pomona Waste Management’s efforts, including encapsulation of existing waste and construction of a proper landfill for hazardous waste, significantly reduced air and water pollution risks. No unpleasant odours at Pomona anymore.  You can have a meal within the facility and enjoy it.

Unchecked waste attracts flies and pests, spreading diseases. The site's transformation has eliminated these issues, promoting better hygiene and public health in the surrounding areas.

Geo Pomona Waste Management Private Limited's investment has created employment opportunities for Zimbabweans. We are also contracting local players for instance Bitumen World and Brown Engineering.   You will be aware of the Golf course within the Vicinity of the facility, Wingate. Golfers can testify that they now enjoy playing golf without the unpleasant atmosphere that existed before. Talk of the new Pomona City that is currently under construction and more.

Our commitment to make a difference is evident. We are promoting educational tours for students and companies. Additionally, the construction of a public recreational facility with amenities like a soccer field, tennis courts, and basketball courts provide valuable space for residents to relax and enjoy outdoor activities.

By addressing the environmental and health hazards, Geo Pomona Waste Management Private limited has demonstrably improved the quality of life for Harare residents. The cleaner air, reduced risk of diseases, and creation of a recreational space all contribute to a healthier and more enjoyable environment for the community.

Our primary objective is to construct a cutting-edge Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plant within the next three years. This plant will be a game-changer, incinerating a staggering 1,000 tonnes of waste daily! 

The WTE plant won't just eliminate waste, it will create clean energy! The incineration process will generate a significant 16-22 MW of electricity, feeding directly into the national grid and contributing to a more sustainable energy mix for Harare. 

Geo Pomona Waste Management Pvt Ltd took over a site overflowing with haphazardly dumped waste and has made significant progress. The land has been cleared, with designated areas set aside for ongoing waste disposal. Access roads have been built for better management, and the entire site is now secure with fencing, guard rooms, electric gates, and boom gates. Offices for staff members were built within the site.  

A weighbridge was constructed. This is where waste registration and weighing of waste takes place. Details of the driver, truck registration number, type of waste, area where the waste is coming from, company and tonnage of waste are recorded. 

We also used an engineering process called encapsulation to cover existing waste that accumulated for more than 30 years. This process involves covering the existing waste with a geomembrane and geotextile and then covering it with soil. The area will soon be beautified with green lawns and shrubs. This process captures all the gases that the waste produces such as methane and nitrous oxides and prevents them from escaping into the atmosphere. As a result, this significantly reduces air and ground pollution. 

Boreholes and irrigation systems have been installed. These will be used to maintain the area and the water will be used in the works being done at the site. There is electricity throughout the site. At the site entrance, there is a transformer that was installed. Additionally, there are lights that were installed on all roads and facilities, enabling work to continue at night. 

Perhaps one of the most exciting development is the creation of a dedicated hazardous waste landfill – the first of its kind in Harare. This ensures proper disposal of hazardous materials, preventing pollution of air, water, and soil. 

Looking towards the community, we have built a recreational area with a FIFA-approved soccer field, tennis courts, and basketball courts. The soccer fields will be open to the public.  

The structure of the sorting plant is now complete, we are now waiting for the machinery. 

The Waste Water Treatment Plant is now there. We are completing the construction of the pools 

Construction of a dedicated concrete plant is also on track to meet the project's concrete needs. 

We have finished clearing of the land for the Waste to Energy plant.

Yes, there are plans to replicate this model in other cities. Stakeholder engagements are underway for this. The long-term vision is to generate electricity from waste for the country. We would want different cities/towns to also be able to generate their own electricity from waste. 

We on site on account of an extant Joint Venture Concession Agreement with the City of Harare which was signed on the 9th of March 2022. Our project was also granted National Project Status by the Government of Zimbabwe.   

All approvals in respect of the Contract with City of Harare were given. There were conditions meant to be fulfilled in order for the takeover to be completed. These include: 

  1. Approvals by Council of Contracting Authority (City of Harare) by way of City Council resolutions. 
  2. Approval by the Cabinet of the Government of Zimbabwe  
  3. Approval by the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works 

Furthermore, there were stakeholder engagements and consultations with the likes of EMA, ZIDA, Pomona Residents, and Zimbabwe National Organization of Associations Residents Trust (ZNOART) that were done as procedure before the takeover of the site. 

The modalities of us moving onto site are set out in the Joint Venture Concession Agreement.  We confirm having done a handover takeover process with the City of Harare on the 28th of April 2022.  All was above board.

Prior to our arrival, the Geo Pomona Waste Management site housed a number of squatters. We understood the complexities of this situation and worked collaboratively with the Ministry of Local Government, which assisted in solving the problem. 

We can also confirm that some former squatters were offered employment opportunities with Geo Pomona Waste Management as general workers. We are committed to providing safe and fair work environments for all our employees.

The project was developed with a focus on the efficient management of waste, utilizing a hierarchical approach. Upon arrival at the site from collectors, the waste undergoes initial processing at the sorting plant. This facility plays a crucial role in segregating the different types of waste. Specifically, municipal waste is separated into recyclable and non-recyclable components. The recyclable materials are then directed to be sold to recycling companies. In contrast, non-recyclable, combustible waste undergoes an incineration process, which not only reduces its volume but also generates electricity as a valuable byproduct. Furthermore, hazardous waste is handled with great care and is directed to a specialized landfill that is meticulously designed to accommodate such materials. This landfill is equipped with geomembranes to prevent any potential contamination of the surrounding environment.,

We have placed a strong emphasis on educating the population about waste reduction. Through targeted marketing efforts, including billboards, television shows, and radio shows, we have sought to raise awareness about the importance of waste management. In addition, we have leveraged social media platforms to provide comprehensive education on proper waste management practices. Furthermore, we have invested in the construction of a state-of-the-art sorting plant designed to efficiently separate waste materials that can be reused and recycled, contributing to a more sustainable waste management process.

Since the start of the project, many measures have been taken to prevent pollution. 

We implemented an advanced engineering process known as encapsulation to address the longstanding issue of accumulated waste on our site, which had been building up for over 30 years. The encapsulation process involved carefully covering the existing waste with a combination of geomembrane and geotextile materials, followed by a layer of soil. This not only improved the aesthetics of the area, with plans for green lawns and shrubs but also served an important environmental purpose. 

By encapsulating the waste, we will be able to capture all of the gases it produces, including methane, nitrous oxides, hydrogen sulfides, and sulfur oxides, thereby preventing their release into the atmosphere. These gases are known as greenhouse gases and are significant contributors to global warming and climate change. By containing these gases, we are making a substantial impact in reducing the effects of climate change. Additionally, this encapsulation process effectively reduces the release of odorous gases, thus contributing to the control of air pollution. 

In addition to addressing gas emissions, we also implemented a comprehensive leachate management system. The leachate produced by the waste is carefully collected and directed to two large on-site pools that we specifically constructed for this purpose. From there, the leachate is channeled to our waste treatment plant, also constructed on-site. Utilizing the reverse osmosis method, the leachate is effectively treated and repurposed for on-site irrigation and for use in our waste-to-energy plant. This closed-loop system ensures that the leachate is managed in an environmentally responsible manner, contributing to the overall sustainability of our operations and greatly contributing to groundwater pollution control.

Initially, the waste management process involves the segregation of recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Non-recyclable waste is directed to a combustion chamber where it is incinerated. The heat produced from the combustion process is utilized to convert water into steam. This steam is then directed to spin a steam turbine, which in turn drives an electrical generator, producing electricity from the waste's heat energy. 

How does the project ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards? 

The project is equipped with cutting-edge technology from leading European companies, all of which have been certified to international standards upon installation. Adhering to local regulations is a key focus, with involvement from important stakeholders such as EMA, ZERA, NSSA, and the City of Harare. Our diligent compliance department ensures that all aspects of the project align with local, regional, and international standards. 

The primary goal of the company is to adopt a "Zero waste-to-landfill" approach, which aims to minimize the amount of waste sent to landfills. By implementing this strategy, the company intends to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability.