The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Executive Secretary Mr Elias Magosi has said our waste management project in Pomona, Harare should be implemented by other regional countries to ensure clean environments and renewable energy generation.

He said this during a tour of our site where he was accompanied by Ambassador Mukonoweshuro, Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Botswana today.

Mr Magosi described the energy-to-waste project as a “benchmark for the region”.

He said during the forthcoming SADC Summit in Harare in August, Heads of State and Government were expected to tour our site.

“For us, we see it as a regional project and when member states come here; especially Presidents when they come for the SADC Summit in August, they will be motivated to implement such projects in their countries. So, it’s a wonderful facility.”

“I think it’s a good initiative; it’s the correct initiative because waste is a major problem the World over. This is the first such a facility of this nature in our region; this is a benchmark for the region. This is a basis for all the member states to come and see how to manage waste,” said Mr Magosi.

“The anticipation is that there will be other cities where this project will be replicated outside Harare.” 

Mr Magosi said the waste-to-energy facility which will generate 22MW to be fed into the national grid was an important component of the renewable energy drive.

“It’s critical; we are talking industrialisation and we can’t do that without energy. So, a facility like this also produces electricity; it’s clean energy that comes from waste. If all of these facilities can feed back into the national grid. There is the Southern African Power Pool where electricity can be fed.”

Geo Pomona Waste Management Pvt Ltd CEO and Executive Chairman Dr Dilesh Nguwaya said: “We are very happy with the visit by the SADC Executive Secretary (Mr Magosi) to tour the Geo Pomona site.

“This is a unique project, the first of its kind in Southern Africa. It can also be adopted and implemented in other regional countries.”

Dr Nguwaya also thanked President Mnangagwa for supporting private companies to thrive in Zimbabwe.

“We also thank President Dr E.D Mnangagwa for ensuring that the investment is guaranteed in Zimbabwe; the country is indeed open for business,” he said.

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